Characteristics of the True Church – Part 3
Characteristics of the True Church – Part 3

Characteristics of the True Church – Part 3

And from the prophet even to the priest, everyone deals falsely. They have also healed the hurt of My people slightly, saying, ‘Peace, peace!’ when there is no peace.  [Jeremiah 6:13-14]

A Plea for Authentic Christianity

Part 3. Historic (young earth) ‘fiat’ Creation

Unless I am mistaken, three popular leaders of contemporary (reformed) Evangelicalism (Don Carson, John Piper and Tim Keller) are theistic evolutionists.  I stand to be corrected!  But isn’t that the point?  They are so ambivalent about this crucial aspect of their worldview.  They will not come clean!  Instead, they hide behind a pseudo-intellectual smokescreen, offering religious platitudes about ‘God being our Creator’.  But what they typically mean is, ‘God used something like evolution to bring about His creation over billions of years’.  They will not engage with the Science – except to ‘humbly’ recuse themselves of specialist knowledge. They evidently suppose the mountain of ‘scientific evidence’ for the prevailing naturalistic orthodoxy is substantial and incontrovertible.  But it isn’t! 

Authentic Christianity takes seriously the history that confronts us in Scripture.  Luke’s Gospel identifies about 76 generations between Adam and Jesus (Lu 3:23-38).  Moreover, Jesus identified Adam and Eve with the beginning of Creation (Matt 19:4).  Ex 20:11 tells us that God took six 24-hour days to make the heavens and the earth, hallowing the weekly Sabbath as an institution we are obligated by covenant to respectfully remember every week – lest we forget the crucial reality of our creatureliness.

Of crucial importance is the historic reality of (i) the Fall & (ii) the Noahic world-wide Flood!  That year long catastrophe readily accounts for the essential morphology of the globe with extensive sedimentary layers of rocks laid down by watery tsunamis advancing and receding over the WHOLE world burying all living things from which have formed the fossil-rich hydrocarbons (coal, oil & gas).  Various excellent websites (; & collectively provide compelling scientific articles debunking the myths of Darwinian pseudo-science.  Alas, the great majority of Church leaders are bewitched by the establishment narrative and, for the sake of personal pride and their desperate desire for public acceptance, have capitulated to ‘theistic evolution’ – something taught nowhere at all in Holy Scripture!  

Naturalistic cosmic evolution is the greatest hoax of all time.  It alleges that

  • the entire universe was contained in a volume smaller than a full-stop!
  • gravity & thermodynamics ALONE can account for galaxy & star formation from hydrogen gas!
  • life arose spontaneously from non-living chemicals!
  • chance and time can overcome mathematically impossible odds!
  • death and suffering are both part of the natural created order!

And we, humble sceptics, are scorned and ridiculed for not believing the lie!  Psalm 2 reminds us that ‘the kings of the earth conspire together against God and His Anointed.’  Nowhere is that conspiracy more up-front than in cultural Darwinism.